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In Australia profits in businesses between 2016/17 went up 20%, yet wages a mere 1%. It seems a logical conclusion, that if countries keep giving tax cuts, it eventually means no tax will be raised at all.

Pity for those that are waiting for home-care packages. Look at Northern Europe ,especially the Scandinavian countries were taxes are very high, but so are welfare levels. Our Prime Mister, Mr Turnbull, should try and raise revenue.

He followed this up with while looking up, prophesying by seemingly divine inspiration, that this would then guarantee increased wages to the workers.

Surely he must have felt thickening of his insincerity. Do the wages there go in tandem with corporate profits?

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I do admit not knowing anything about both those men. On our ABC ‘The Drum’ I once experienced Jim Molan giving vent to his rather harsh opinion of refugees, especially the survivors of boat people now locked in indefinite detention on Manus and Nauru. I don’t see the Chinese equivalent of KFC, or Big Quarter Pounder Mac Donald’s plastered all over the place.He seemed to have a very ruthless and, in my mind, a cold and heartless view, on how to deal with refugees. Instead I notice that sometimes the top HSC students often feature students from Eastern backgrounds. With those alarming headlines one would hope that educational information would be at the forefront of all schools that are touting for students.Recently he posted extreme right anti Islam videos on his blog. On top of that, I prefer a nice Chop Suey over a foot long Subway. Lofty statements would be made at all schools, that maths was already compulsory.Another case was how a woman needed to be helped from her bed into the electric chair in which she could perform most house-hold duties.

It is the relentless care day in day out that many need respite from.It is a surprise the head-master had the skill in measuring seeing he probably also went without the compulsory maths. If education is meant to take a young person to its full potential, surely letting them dress freely ought to be the norm. A few days ago I noticed an ABC news item that struck me as relevant.